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Last week, Google announced its decision to shut down Google Hire.

We understand the impact this change will have on teams who depended on this product to hire — especially small businesses. Your needs are unique and having a reliable, consistent recruiting solution is critical to remaining competitive in today’s labor market.

As the only true small-business recruiting solution, JazzHR is here for you.

Since 2009, we’ve helped over 5,000 customers just like you to hire smarter through our easy-to-use interface, G Suite integration, and low cost.

Transition to JazzHR today to take advantage of:

  • Three free months exclusively for Google Hire customers. JazzHR also offers free implementation, unlimited users and jobs — all at no extra charge. We believe in low-cost transparent pricing.
  • Powerful, easy-to-use features to save you time and money. From sourcing to onboarding, tools like JazzHR’s Candidate Texting and Interview Scheduling empower you to streamline your entire recruiting process.
  • World-class support for assistance when and where you need it. Visit our robust Knowledge Base, or reach out directly to our support team (who has a 98% satisfaction rate).

JazzHR is purpose-built to help small businesses succeed in recruiting higher-quality candidates faster.

Join thousands of other employers currently using JazzHR to transform the way they hire. See a demo, and switch today.


  • ksenthil

    Hello there!

    We are currently on Google hire and i am evaluating a new ATS for us to switch.
    I had a question regarding the offer from JazzHR. When you say 3 free months, do i have to give an upfront commitment that i am buying or can I try JazzHR during the 3 free months and if i dont like it, i can still choose to walk away from the deal without any payments?


    • Kelly Peters

      Hi, @ksenthil:disqus ! Our Google-Hire promotion allows for three months of service free upfront followed by a committed to start paying for your subscription in month four. Feel free to reach out to me directly at kelly.peters@jazzhr.com, and I’ll be happy to connect you with one of our Solutions Consultants to see a demo of the software and/or set up a 21-day trial. Thanks again!

      • ksenthil

        Thanks Kelly. Let me confirm if I understood what you said right. I ll have to put my credit card on file but I ll be charged from 4 months. In case, if I choose to leave in 3 months, I ll have to pay for the 3 months I used. Am I right by saying this ?


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