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JazzHR is thrilled to welcome MassPay to its family of integrated partners. Founded in 2004, Human Capital Management and Payroll Services provider, MassPay, focuses on the SMB space and believes “People Make the Difference.”

Why Integrate?

For starters, both JazzHR and MassPay have a shared focus on providing exceptional candidate experiences throughout the hiring process. While JazzHR offers SMBs powerful, user-friendly applicant tracking software to automate the entire hiring process from first apply to sending the offer letter, MassPay understood the stress businesses were experiencing in what came next with publicly traded payroll companies.

When MassPay extended their offerings to include HR and Wellness software and solutions, both companies realized that joining forces would harmonize the candidate journey from recruiting to onboarding.

How the Integration Works

With one click of a button (and some magic), mutual customers can easily send candidate data from JazzHR directly into MassPay. The following candidate information will be exported:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address, City, State, Zipcode
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • PDF documents (any/all included on the Documents tab of the Candidate Profile)

Getting Started with MassPay

If you already have a MassPay Account, simply hop into JazzHR and:

  • Click Settings
  • Click Integrations
  • Scroll down to iSolved
  • Click Connect
  • Enter the client code provided by MasPay
  • Enter at least one onboarding template and one employee work location
  • Click Save Credentials

Et voila! Your integration will now be live allowing you to speed-up hiring, connect with candidates and collaborate with more of your favorite tools. For more information about how the integration works, check out this helpful support article.

If you don’t have a MassPay account yet that’s okay! Just visit this page to learn more about getting started or contact our team for a personalized demonstration of the integration.


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