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Is your careers page lookbook worthy? We’re challenging our customers to a competition! For your chance to be featured in our Annual Careers Page Lookbook, just submit your personalized careers page to us; our team then votes on the winning careers page. Only the best of the best get selected, so here are three tips to guide you to the top of the list.

Make it Personal

Successful career pages display a magnitude of opportunities. These pages must be simple, yet grasp the job seekers attention. One way to create a captivating career page is to personalize it. Candidates are looking for ease of use and speed when it comes to applying for a new role. 28% of job seekers are looking on their phones, so a successful career page must be phone accessible. Simplicity is key. Having a straightforward application process rid of lengthy forms, questionnaires, or multiple sign-ins encourages users of all types to apply. Especially, mobile users. According to the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), a third of candidates will not fill out an application if it takes more than 15 minutes. Keeping the information uncomplicated and easily digestible will help encourage job seekers to apply. A careers page which is easy to navigate will also increase the number of applicants. A poorly built careers page can sink the bridge between new employees and uninterested candidates.

Keep it Unique

Showing an inside window into your office or company culture goes a long way. Candidates want to know about the company, but they are also interested in the work culture. They want to know if current employees enjoy their time here, and if they personally can see themselves at this company. Pictures, stories, and videos of actual employees allow your company to be seen as personable. This will lead to more job seekers applying for your positions. Differentiating your company from competitors will ensure more quality and higher quantity of applicants. Candidates who see what your company has to offer will be more motivated to apply and learn more. Thinking of candidates as customers to be won over will catapult your careers page above competitors.

Using “Normal” Job Titles

Creativity is strongly encouraged on the careers page but colorful job title names pose a slight problem. Search engines index your careers page. Using popular job titles and keywords will get your jobs more visibility in search engines, like Google. The internet sifts through a magnitude of job titles to match candidates with potential jobs. Using names such as “Chief Happiness Officer” or “Ministers of Culture” make it especially hard for candidates to find these positions. Shifting to “normal” job titles is an adjustment that can help drive job seekers to convert to candidates more often. Identifying and recognizing common job titles will send a wave of applicants to your careers page. This will ensure that your company is being viewed by the largest majority of job seekers possible.

While keeping these three helpful tips in mind, you can design engaging career pages that attract top talent. Our competition challenges our clients to push the boundaries and design something unique to their company. 

Take a look through last year’s winners to see how you might stack up against the competition.

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