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We’re proud to announce our latest feature that will help you foster communication and support across all parts of your business. Every department in your company has their own interest in the recruiting process, and supporting their needs can be difficult and often require several different systems. Job approvals provide your teammates and stakeholders with the insight they need to keep you making quality hires.

Enable job approvals with the flick of a switch in your Workflows section. Create your approval chain using the familiar, intuitive interface you use to build hiring workflows.

job approval workflows

Involve collaborators and stakeholders by adding them to your approval statuses. Anyone here can approve this status to keep the process moving.

Approvers will be automatically emailed throughout the process so you can continue recruiting while your approvers review your requisition. They can approve or reject jobs from a live preview of the posting so they can get a feel of exactly how the job would look out in the wild.

job approvals job description

You have full flexibility and control over the whole process with the ability to grant or remove approval privileges for users, and cancel or bypass approvals at any time.

job approvals approval status screen

Streamline your requisition process and with helpful tools that keep you compliant, while moving your growth forward. If you’re already using our previous approvals feature, this guide will walk you through the changes.

Get the details on this new feature in our upcoming deep dive on December 9th, or check out our support article for a comprehensive write-up.




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