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One of the things that tends to turn recruiters off is candidates who job hop. When they look at an applicant’s resume and see that they only spent a year at one job and less than two at the next, it can be tempting to automatically lump them to the no pile. In fact, almost half of employers say they won’t even consider a candidate who’s had short tenures with several employers.

But that’s not always fair and it doesn’t always make good sense. That’s particularly when it comes to millennials, who see frequently switching between jobs as a matter of course. According to a recent Gallup poll, for example, 21 percent of millennials changed jobs within the past year — more than three times the rate of non-millennials. That being the case, you can’t exactly rule them out. And nor should you. After all, there are a host of benefits to hiring people who switch jobs on a regular basis. Those benefits include that:

They’re adaptable and quick learners

By virtue of the number of jobs they’ve had, job hoppers are incredibly adaptable, quickly adjust to new environments, and tend to be easier to onboard. They can also slot into new roles and workplaces with ease and are typically fast learner. Plus, job hoppers are often excellent communicators and have advanced interpersonal skills. So, although they might not stick around for long, they won’t cost as much in time and resources to get up to speed.

They have diverse skill sets and experience

Job hoppers often have a range of skills and experience under their belt that can benefit your organization. They typically also require less training and have more professional resources to draw on. That’s because they may well have worked in different sectors and industries, and can therefore look at issues from different angles and be innovative in their troubleshooting. Their soft skills are more thoroughly developed through working and collaborating with a range of people and companies. They may also be familiar with different technologies and require little training.

Since they will have faced different challenges in each role, and each job placement will have enabled them to grow and develop, job hoppers can bring a wide range of beneficial experience to any task they undertake.

They bring new ideas

Job hoppers are real disruptors. While people you’ve had working for the organization for a while may stagnate in their ideas or become averse to trying new things, job hoppers will be like a breath of fresh air.

They bring new ideas with them and new ways of doing things. They can also draw on their experiences at other companies and suggest ways to work better, more efficiently, or more innovatively. The introduction of new perspectives and ways to trouble-shoot can ignite a team that may have gotten stale over time. Mixing up the team with new blood every once in a while is always a good thing for diversity, collaboration and business outcomes. Even if they move on after two years, they will have left your organization with innovations, better practices, and food for thought.

They come with contacts

Job hopping candidates don’t just bring knowledge and ideas with them. Chances are that they also have lots of business contacts. Depending on the industry that you’re in, this could simply be helpful or a major boon for your business. It can potentially help your organization with everything from recruitment and networking to landing new customers and clients.

Job-hoppers give more than they take

Replacing employees is expensive and something that most companies try to avoid by investing in their retention efforts. Nevertheless, today’s younger generation of workers tends to actively seek out new opportunities and doesn’t like to stick around for too long. Employers should not only accept this, but also recognize the huge benefits of hiring job hoppers and the unique talents that they bring.

What’s your company’s stance on hiring job hoppers? Do you think they’ve got it right?


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