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In the time since JazzHR started, roles in the hiring process have changed. You expect more. Your team expects more. Everyone wants to have an influence on the next hire, not just one person with an old spreadsheet.

As the sphere of influence grew, we’re growing with you. We heard your struggle to find the right user type and set of security checks to make sure all your users can get just what they need (and only what they need)–easily and quickly. In order to keep driving growth and change for the companies we work with, we completely overhauled our roles and privileges.

  • New and expanded user types to make sure everyone on your team is looped in and keep candidate data secure
  • Customize access on a per-user basis with flexible user privileges
  • Find the jobs you care about faster with jobs page personalization

Access to users are now found under Settings >> People. We renamed Admin and moved all your templates and workflows there to keep things organized. If you’re a Super Admin, you’ll also see Privileges here.

Click on People to find all your users and change to a new role type. You still add and manage your users just as you did before, but with way more flexibility and control.

New user types keep candidate data secure


Once your Interviewer is a member of a hiring team, she can be assigned interview guides to complete. When she logs in, she sees her upcoming interviews on the dashboard and can fill out her guide easily. Encourage networking and build excitement with built-in social sharing tools from the Interviewer dashboard.


A beautifully crafted careers page is a recruiting essential. Give your development team access to nothing but the information they need to integrate your website and customize your JazzHR hosted careers page. Developers only have access to career page setup and integrations so you’re fully connected without worrying about your candidates’ privacy.

External Recruiter

If you work with agencies or contracted recruiters, give them their own login to JazzHR so they can upload candidates and you can control the process from there. Your agency recruiter can only see the candidates he uploads and the jobs he’s assigned to. (unless you want to tweak these privileges for a specific recruiter) This keeps your account information private and makes sure all your candidates are funneled into JazzHR for reporting, tracking, and follow-up.

Expanded user roles to create a culture of collaboration

You know our old roles, “Administrator” and “User”. We took these roles and expanded them to give you flexibility around different users’ recruiting responsibilities. All your administrators (admins) currently using JazzHR have the same access as before, but you can always change them to one of these new roles. Users are now Super Users, and have access to templates, all other access remains the same.

Super Admin

A Super Admin is much like your Admin of today, she has full access to everything in JazzHR. She can override or change privileges of other accounts, and add in other Super Admins. Super Admins can also change and view billing or account information. This new level of admin lets you have full control over sensitive data in your account.

Recruiting Admin

A tier below the Super Admin, the Recruiting Admin has access to all templates, modifies candidates, performs bulk actions, while restricting access to hidden candidates, billing information, and overall account privileges. Your Recruiting Admins are likely to be a head recruiter, HR manager, or talent acquisition manager who will be responsible for day-to-day administration.

Super User

Your Super User is an empowered hiring manager or recruiting coordinator who needs access to manage questionnaires, email, interview or other templates but doesn’t need full administrative access. Super Users are keeping your content fresh without the concern of seeing sensitive account information.

Recruiting User

This person is screening candidates, leaving notes, and completing interview guides. They’re not able to access any administrative settings or change candidate profiles. Both Super User and Recruiting User profiles can be controlled by a set of privileges, some of which are outlined below.

Need help selecting which role makes sense for your team members? Read our handy guide or join our webinar to find out more.

More flexible and granular privileges

Super Admins can now control specific privileges for each contributor on your hiring team. We’ve also added in more customization to make sure your users only see what matters to them. You’ll get to know the new options as you start adding in your team and changing up their roles, but we’ll walk through some of the new additions.

Hide candidates from Admins

When you bring someone on board that will be working in your JazzHR account as an Admin, you’ll want to hide their profile from themselves or others. As a Super Admin, easily hide that candidate from Recruiting Admins to keep comments and salary information under lock and key.

Hide interview feedback from other users

If you’re interested in having “blind” interview results, you can now restrict interview feedback so that it isn’t visible to other users. This helps reduce interview bias and gives interviewers breathing room to provide an honest assessment of the candidate.

Set sensitive data visibility on a per user basis

No more global visibility settings for salary data. That is now configurable for each individual person, so you can determine who should see that information on a case by case basis.

“Voting only” mode for user types

Have complete control over the hiring process by disabling the option for users to advance candidates to the next stage. They can only cast a vote and submit a comment when this option enabled. This also prevents users from editing the star ranking of a candidate, so you can get a consensus before you set the rank.

Personalized jobs page

The jobs page can now be filtered and saved to easily show you the jobs you need to see without having to reselect them each time. You now have the option to filter by open jobs where you’re on the hiring team or the hiring manager, then save this filter to see the most important jobs right when you login.

Want more information or need help? Register for our webinar or check out our handy guide to choosing a role.


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