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One of the best things about a new year is getting to relax and recharge your batteries. While many get introspective about personal goals, some of the best recruiting professionals will also leverage this time to do a postmortem of the year’s highs and lows to help anchor plans for the year ahead. To help set the stage for your 2017 recruiting goals, we’ve narrowed down some top resolutions to guide your hiring playbook:

1. Stay Informed

With a new administration, changes in technology and shifting priorities of employees and employers – it’s critical that recruiters advise their clients about the current talent landscape to help better position talent acquisition and retention efforts. As a champion for industry trends, you can help clients understand salary trends to ensure competitive offerings are met, as well as influence new technology adoption like applicant tracking systems and recruitment bots to streamline the entire hiring process. To keep up to date on the latest news, try subscribing to a reliable HR news sources like SHRM or

2. Act Fast

In this job seeker’s market, recruiters need to act hastily or they’ll risk letting their client’s candidates slip through their fingers. Given that many candidates have multiple opportunities on the table at any given time, if you wait too long to follow up, chances are the candidate you’re engaging with has moved on to something else. The best way to battle procrastination is to carve out time on your calendar to tackle certain tasks. By managing your time, you’ll avoid letting your pile of to-do lists get to the point of no return – and will efficiently close the loop with your candidates.

3. Get Mobile

Whether candidates are passively scrolling through LinkedIn during their lunch breaks, or actively researching job boards – almost all of the candidate search happens from a mobile device. To stay competitive, recruiters must have a mobile strategy to connect with their audience or else they’re severely limiting their options. Don’t know where to start? Experts suggest making sure your careers page is mobile friendly, consider corresponding via email and text instead of the phone and try mobile video conference for interviews. These tactics will get more buy-in from mobile candidates and will expedite the hiring process.

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