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Our friends at HR software research company Software Advice took a look at the pros and cons of hiring boomerang employees. You know, those revolving door colleagues that leave a position just to come back a few years (or months) later. Historically, it’s been a faux pas for an employee to want to return to an old gig, or even more so for an employer to re-hire them.

But not anymore.

As the talent market gets smaller and more competitive, it may be worth your while to take a closer look at these boomerang employees.

Software Advice’s infographic highlights everything you need to know as a recruiter about boomerang employees, including:

  • Why boomerang workers are on the rise
  • The pros and cons of rehiring boomerang employees
  • Tips for maintaining boomerang employee relations through every step of their trajectory
  • How recruiting software can give you an advantage in wooing great workers back

boomerang employees


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