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Experts forecasting the latest recruiting trends say with the advent of mobile job apps, big brand job boards like Indeed and Monster will be the next dinosaurs of the HCM market. But the recent multi-million dollar acquisition of Monster, by staffing firm Randstad, shows there’s still inherent value in today’s automated job boards – so long as they remain where candidates are.

Today’s new hires demand the ease of mobile-friendly job applications, job boards and careers pages so that they’re time is optimized and their efforts are seamless. To stay competitive, employers who post their jobs to online job boards must ensure their job descriptions are not only well written, but are accessible on mobile devices.

To appease the wants of today’s mobile-centric seeker’s, you should consider:

Making a mobile friendly careers page:

Today’s new hires demand want to interact with content that’s made for their devices. That’s why it’s SO important for your employer brand to be mobile friendly. To do so, you can work with an Applicant Tracking System, like JazzHR to build a customizable and mobile-friendly careers page that will boost your presence on major job boards and across every mobile device.

Write clear, concise job descriptions:

Since your job posting will likely be read on a mobile phone or tablet – it’s important to keep your description bite-sized so it can be absorbed on the go and without distraction. To do this we suggest pairing down your list of qualifications to the most important bullet points. Visually, this will help your audience understand at-a-glance what you’re looking for without scrolling through a wall of cumbersome text.

Diversifying your recruiting efforts:

While job boards are a great way to find and hire candidates – consider alternative methods like internal referral programs and social media. Your best network of candidates are probably lying right under your nose – and within your most engaged staff members.


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