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Have you checked recently how many candidates you have sitting around in your Jazz account?

There are likely hundreds upon hundreds of resumes you haven’t even had a chance to reach out to that are interested in your company. Especially if your industry has high turnover, this is a gold mine of potential hires just waiting for you to send them an email or give them a buzz.

Passive Candidates vs a Candidate Pipeline

Passive candidates are a hot topic right now, but I am not even talking about doing extra recruiting here, I’m talking about candidates that have already shown interest. A passive candidate is someone you’ve found:

  • on LinkedIn
  • through a friend
  • on a resume database
  • roaming the streets (ok, maybe not this one so much)

who you think would be a good fit for your company and are building a relationship with. Building out your candidate pipeline is a little different. We’re talking about folks who have applied to your positions that you:

  • didn’t have time to interview
  • were underqualified two years ago but today is a new day!
  • overqualified, but a new position just opened up that’s right at their experience level

Recruiting ahead of your requisitions

Building out your candidate pipeline not only lets you save time waiting for candidates to apply or trying to reel in those elusive passive candidates, but it also creates excellent relationships with candidates that may refer other interested potential gems to your jobs. Encourage pipeline candidates you chat with to leave you a positive Glassdoor review on your recruiting process, and let them know you’ll always have them in your database with detailed special notes. Candidates are super savvy these days in searching your company history and benefits, so having an extra leg up with some awesome reviews from folks who aren’t even employed yet is a big bonus.

Keeping in communication is helpful to cut down sourcing time, but if you’re not all about follow ups and emails, just a simple organization of your database can make a world of difference when you want to target specific skill sets for a new position. If you properly sort your candidates according to key values or skill sets for your company or hard-to-fill jobs, returning searches or reporting on anyone with these categories in the future is incredibly simple.

When recruiting resources are lean, having an organized database of candidates helps you search for top talent quickly and easily, diminishing that all important time to hire and keeping your hiring managers happy. What could be better than offering up a candidate ready to interview one or two days after a hiring manager gives you a job requisition?

For more information on pipelining candidates and making the most of your Jazz account sign up for our webinar today at 2:00 pm ET. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, we’ll send you a recording!

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