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Does your talent team find it hard to stay on pace with hiring demands? Well, don’t get frustrated, we all face different hiring challenges such as a dynamic talent market, competitive candidate pool, and the truth that if you don’t hire your candidates fast enough, someone else will. With Jazz’s enhanced hiring workflows, your team can keep pace the demands of hiring using rich automation, hiring helpers and powerful templates.

New Hiring Workflow Settings

Hiring workflows are the backbone of any applicant tracking system, and now Jazz makes is easier than ever to centrally manage workflows with heightened settings. Just like PowerPoint (for all your PPT fans out there) Jazz has master template settings. Jazz’s hiring workflows can now be locked at the master template setting, allowing for more control and propagation of data across jobs. But don’t worry, if you still want to customize an individual workflow, you can release (or unlock) it from the master template and make adjusts to fit your personal preferences.

Other important aspects of the workflow will be locked to the master template as well, like workflow helpers, stages, and dispositions. This uniformity will help hiring teams maintain a clean, precise and powerful workflow across many jobs and candidates.


Addition of NEW Stage

To keep your candidates engaged and delighted with your hiring experience, we’ve added a new “NEW” (no pun intended) stage to the master workflow. This enhancement will allow for more automation when a candidate applies to your job. For example, hiring teams can add a workflow helper to the “NEW” stage that will trigger unique actions as soon as a candidate completes a job application. This will not only help accelerate your time-to-hire so you can reel in the big fish faster, but will increase candidate retention and overall engagement.

Default and Archived Workflows

For Admin users in Jazz, we’ve added a new Default setting that allows Admins to see, at-a-glance, which workflows are default. Seems simple right? It is. But, it does make our Admins’ lives a little easier. No more rummaging through workflows to see which is the default workflow.


We’ve also added an “Archive” functionality to workflow templates so that Admins can hide unwanted workflows from use. But don’t worry, these workflows will not be lost into oblivion – they will be saved in the event you’d like to resurrect them for future use. Also, if a workflow is archived, you can still report on any data associated within the workflow to keep your account accurate and up-to-date.

Interested in learning more about hiring workflows? Head on over to our Customer Success Portal where we’ve outlined feature and functionality details.

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