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Creating a quality job advertisement is arguably one of the toughest things in HR and recruiting. Sometimes your hiring manager will hand you over a novella of a job description, and expect you to find candidates who will read through that. Other times, they may just ask you to write it when you aren’t an expert on their position, then get upset when it doesn’t come out perfectly.

We’ll go over some tried and true rules to get better visibility and candidates and well as cover what Indeed defines as best practices for job postings.

Make your requirements clear and understandable

A job description shouldn’t be incredibly lengthy, try and pair down your list of qualifications to the most important ones in a few bullet points. Check out Centercode’s great bulleted list of requirements:


Someone reaching this job description right up front gets an idea of what they need. There are no strange company specific metrics or vague quality assignments — it’s plain and simple. Remember, your candidate is hunting through potentially ten or twenty job descriptions a day. Make yours the most memorable.

Show off your culture and company vibes

The job posting is your candidate’s first impression of your company. Make it count because there is just the one chance at a first impression. Give a little blurb about what your company is, what you do, how you do it, what you offer. Give those candidates a little something to keep their eyes scrolling down the page. Who is doing it well? Check out Wpromote:


This makes their message of being fun feel real and not just a by-line. Candidates can also see right up front what their benefits and company perks are. It’s good.

Want to get on and stay on Indeed? They’ve got their own rules too

Candidates trust Indeed for job postings partly because of the rules they’ve set up to make sure no fakes, phoneys, or scammers get through on their board. We like these rules at Jazz and we follow them too — so let’s talk about the main ones a bit here.

When creating a job, HR and recruiters have goals to meet and so top visibility is critical but candidates also have their own set of priorities that Indeed wants to protect.

The main ones you’ll want to remember are:

  • All jobs require a postal code to go on out Indeed

Candidates want to make sure this position is legit and real with an actual office. This helps foster trust in the candidate and allows us to confirm there is an actual company. If you’re hiring for a remote position or doing a nationwide search, you can always indicate that in the job description or purchase pay-per-click credits to have your job featured on Indeed.

  • Don’t post multiple instances of the same job

It’s tempting when a job reaches the bottom of the heap to want to clone it and get it back up on the top of the feed on Indeed but this is considered “gaming the system” by Indeed and runs you the risk of (yikes!) getting blocked from Indeed altogether. If you’re running low on candidates,we’ve got a ton of paid posting options and referral tools to help boost that flow.

Now get back out there and start creating beautiful, succinct, and informative job descriptions that your candidates just can’t click away from.

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  • WebberJ

    More and more job posts are getting good attentions to seekers with specific descriptions of jobs.

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  • Lizzie Jeffrey

    Thanks for the helpful share, Lyla! The importance of writing a strong job description gets easily overlooked in HR, especially when it comes to including information on company culture. Work environment and culture is often the #1 deciding factor for millennials jobseekers.

  • Hi Lyla, its definitely important to write a good job description. As a part of Recruitment Team I will definitely make sure that next time when I post a job I will take care of it. Thanks for sharing the article it really helps.


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