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Giving Back: An Important Aspect of Company Culture

Employees are more cognizant of company culture now more than ever before. A poor culture will lead to higher turnover and lower employee satisfaction. Don’t let this happen! There are many ways obvious ways to build your company’s culture, such as goals, mission statement, cores values, and all the basic paint-by-numbers culture points. In addition to these are the outside-of-the-box methods used to really define who the company is and what they represent. One such method is to form a volunteer program for your employees.

Establishing a volunteer program provides many benefits to your organization. It allows your company to be more involved with the community while providing employees the chance to participate when they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Most organizations offer time off for volunteer work but this is often neglected. The use of the volunteer program provides the opportunity for people to use these hours and allows those that are already passionate for volunteering to have an additional outlet at their ready. When the company is in alignment with the employee volunteering goals it strengthens the trust between employee and company. This is a great reason to have volunteer program driven by employees.

Allow your employees to take the reigns. When an employee is passionate about a cause, don’t let their motivation fall aside. Take the facilitator role when it comes to participation in the group and let your employees determine the directions of the group’s efforts. When employees are guiding the direction of the efforts, their buy-in to the program, and in turn the organization, is much higher. Everyone knows that happier employees are more productive employees, so allowing them to form the direction of a small aspect of the organization is more than worth the effort it takes to get started.

Here at Jazz, our volunteer program, Jazz Ensemble, was initiated by employees within the company. Passionate volunteers came together to establish the program to share their causes to the rest of the organization, bringing awareness and additional help. So far, Jazz Ensemble does quarterly volunteer outings to various charities, chosen by the committee members, helped raise money and awareness for Marathon runners, bikers, and other athletic events, while participating in holiday drives. Creating a Volunteer program allows your organization to do a lot of good for your community while giving your employees another reason to smile at work. Give it a try!


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