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Using Social Recruiting to Build Your Candidate Pipeline

For those of you recruiting passive candidates regularly, this may seem like a no brainer, but social media can be a recruiter or HR manager’s best friend.

New to social media? Not using it at your company? Read up on what the best outlets for your particular industry, then get started with that particular platform to begin reaping the benefits. Social media allows you to target specific groups of people and promote your employer brand in a meaningful way that lets candidates engage with your culture — and its free.

Let’s talk about the major recruiting social media outlets and how you can use them to your advantage.

Glassdoor: Glassdoor is a great example of a free way to really boost your employer recognition and brand. You can start by claiming your employee account. This allows to you take control over what candidates and employees are saying about your workplace. Once you claim that free account, follow these steps to start attracting quality candidates:

  • Add pictures of your office, employees, and company functions to highlight your culture
  • Respond to negative and positive reviews, let candidates know you care!
  • Promote your profile externally and internally (you can add a link to your Jazz hosted page!)

LinkedIn: Arguably the #1 social media site for recruiting, this is going to be your hub for sharing jobs. Creating a company page that LinkedIn users can find and see a stream of photos, jobs, and updates about your company is a great research opportunity for potential candidates. LinkedIn also houses hundreds of specific groups for job categories, industries, and minority groups where you can post your jobs (directly from Jazz). Building out a great LinkedIn presence to start attracting candidates can be done in a few stages:

  • Creating and managing an exciting company page with interesting updates related to your field
  • Encourage your employees to like and share our these updates
  • Encourage and reward employees for creating engaging LinkedIn profiles, potential candidates will research folks who work at the company they are interested in

Facebook: Why not use the platform we spend, face it, a ton of time on? Chances are, you’ve checked it already today. Facebook allows you to cast a wide recruiting net, easily network, and boosts that company image. Best of all, it’s a great passive recruitment platform — LinkedIn users are likely already somewhat on the market. Just create a page to get started (p.s. Jazz has an integration with Facebook that makes sharing jobs super easy).

Twitter + Instagram: These two outlets will be a huge boon for your employer brand and can be boosted tremendously by employee participation. Referrals are one of the best ways to get great candidates in the door, and by making your workplace somewhere employees are proud to share, they are doing your job for you!

  • Start by sharing workplace events and interesting relevant articles to your industry
  • Snap candidate photos of your work space and encourage employees to retweet
  • Hashtag it up! Add relevant hashtags to your industry, brand, and culture

If your social media presence is lackluster, get it going today! There is no reason to slouch, great candidates are out there waiting to see what you’ve got.


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