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Stay organized and improve communications with recruiting workflows

A candidate’s experience with your company’s hiring process is a reflection of your organization’s culture, mission, values, and people.  If a candidate has an awful experience, they are unlikely to take a job with your company, let alone recommend your organization to people in their network.  A good candidate experience is characterized by a visibly organized processes, clear communications and supreme responsiveness. Here’s some best practices to add a wow factor to your candidate experience:

Don’t Leave Candidates Hanging

Qualigence International, a prominent U.S. recruiting research firm found that a poor candidate experience occurs when hiring teams leave candidates wondering about their status. When outlining the various reasons for a poor experience, candidates indicated the following reasons:

  • 86% never received confirmation emails from recruiters.
  • 83% never received notice when the position was filled.
  • 58% said that employers never communicated how long the hiring process might take.

Enhancing your Candidate Experience

Jazz customers are able to ensure strong candidate communication by building complete recruiting workflows. The simple act of building a workflow within Jazz helps a hiring team think through and document the key recruiting milestones within their organization. A clearly defined recruiting process helps recruiting teams articulate a general hiring timeline to would be employees.

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Within Jazz, workflows can be linked to automated tasks and emails and these workflow helpers can be attached to recruiting stages to automate activities such as:

  • Providing a standard phone screen interview guide to the initial recruiting stage.
  • Assigning a task to a recruiting coordinator to check references.
  • Sending a scheduled email to inform a less preferred candidate that they are no longer being considered.

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Workflow Best Practice

Workflows can be created one time for the entire company. Once the workflow is connected to a newly created job, it can be customized. Once a workflow has been a attached to a job, hiring managers can customize the workflow with position-specific interviews and automated emails or tasks. In order to tailor your communication to candidates, automated emails can be branded and templated with dynamic fields containing candidate-specific and/or position-specific language.

using workflows

If you organize your recruiting process around hiring workflows within Jazz, top-notch candidates will notice your orderly approach and admire your attention to detail.  Exceptional candidates who might not have been a good fit for your previous job openings will be impressed by your strong communications during the recruiting process. These “missed connections” can remain in your passive candidate pool and may be more likely to apply to jobs in the future.

By harnessing the power of workflows, you can enhance the candidate experience while at the same time improving your recruiting process and eliminating busy work.


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