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As a recruiter or hiring manager, you’re determined to find a top performer for your open position and have a laundry list of “must-haves” to check off when comparing potential employees. Your ideal candidate profile probably includes some of the following characteristics:

  • Effective communicator
  • Relevant experience
  • Strong decision-making skills

But above all, you should be searching for a candidate with the willingness and ability to collaborate effectively. And here’s why: transformative organizations increasingly rely on collaborators who can work well across teams and in a myriad of scenarios.  

In a recent article, Forbes Magazine explained Why The Ability To Collaborate Is The New Competitive Advantage, and how this advantage extends to both high-performing candidates and high-performing hiring teams. Collaborative best practices are a differentiator for many candidates, and are essential to your hiring strategy.

Collaborative Hiring Teams Succeed

There are many advantages to including key stakeholders in a collaborative hiring process:

  • Leverage the knowhow of domain experts on your team  
  • Ensure early feedback and buy-in from your top decision-makers
  • Maintain a diversity of opinions that can help your team reduce oversights and avoid hiring mistakes

As experts in the field have noted, including your team in the hiring process increases the team’s commitment to making the new hire successful. Hiring teams that implement collaborative processes using effective tools can track team discussions while experiencing great efficiencies with reduced “busy work”. Ultimately, keeping track of your hiring process on a digital platform can allow your hiring team to accelerate the time to find an ideal candidate match.

Collaborating with Jazz

Jazz customers succeed at finding top performers and strong collaborators by leveraging a variety of team-oriented tools. Collaborative features within Jazz can be customized with individual preferences to meet each user’s specific needs. In the following examples, we’ll explore just some of the ways that Jazz enables hiring teams to collaborate and improve adoption by key stakeholders.

Requesting Comments

You may have colleagues who are new to recruiting software and have not yet logged into the platform. To make steps toward involving these collaborators, you can request comments via email so that they can add their feedback to specific candidates without ever having to login to Jazz. Their comments will be collected in the Discussion tab with all of your other candidate feedback from other sources.


Daily Digests

As your teammates start to see the value of collecting all candidate feedback in one place, they may be interested in tailoring the Jazz experience to fit their needs. In order to stay abreast of the current candidate pipeline, collaborators within Jazz can adjust settings within their personal profile that allow them to receive daily digest emails with all new candidates or upcoming interviews.


Calendar Sync

The next step in engaging your team with Jazz is interview scheduling. To streamline interview scheduling, users of Jazz can integrate their Outlook or Google calendar.  Those users who schedule interviews will be able to see when the interviewers are available and can add interviews to other’s calendars without ever leaving Jazz.


Interview Guides

Jazz users can use Interview Guides to prepare hiring team members prior to an interview. Organizing Interview Guides within Jazz allow you to:

  • Coordinate questions and feedback across your hiring team
  • Provide candidate feedback on a desktop or mobile device
  • Send Interview Guides to non-Jazz users
  • Remind interviewers to input their candidate feedback

Interview feedback collected in the Interview Guide is documented and added to your ongoing candidate discussion stream. Jazz also provides the ability to report on major metrics that matter, including data collected during the interview guide process.


These are just some of the features that Jazz offers to enable collaborative engagement with your hiring team. Jazz allows your team to make collaboration your competitive advantage in talent acquisition and beyond.


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