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We’ve seen plenty of grandiose articles about how the cloud is transforming our personal lives, but what about in the business world? Billions of dollars are poured into cloud computing every year, and the numbers keep skyrocketing. There’s a reason for this exuberance. Cloud-based technology just makes sense in today’s global economy, where people are using the same information to do business in different time zones. This easily accessible, shareable system also works extremely well for HR departments. As your business grows, the best HR software can scale up accordingly, taking on more employee data and housing it on highly secure servers.

Data is Safer in the Cloud

Although you might be skeptical storing confidential data in the cloud, it’s probably safer than own your own computer. Each storage company has its own advanced security protocols, which often far exceed the in-house network of the average business. Over time, people have become less fearful about archiving their HR data in the cloud, and are now reaping the benefits with easier recruitment and increased mobility.

Easy Access, No Matter Where You Are

Once you’ve synced your data with HR software like Jazz, you’ll be able to access it from any device – computer, phone, or tablet – with an Internet connection. Imagine you’re out in the field and you find a great lead on a job candidate. Without batting an eye, you can log into your cloud-based software, create a new profile for the individual, and instantly start your recruiting process. This extends across the entire HR department, allowing employees to make requests and provide feedback using any device at their disposal.

The Best Choice for Transactional Business

Finally, cloud-based HR software makes international commerce much easier. With language support in dozens of countries, these helpful services allow managers to be on the same page, even if they don’t speak the same language. Now, they all have access to the one, easy-to-use platform, which gathers big-picture data about the entire hiring process.

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