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Do your employees walk into work with a smile? How enthusiastic are they when asked to stay later than usual, in order to meet a deadline? As a manager, if you can’t answer these questions with confidence, it might be time to try some new inspirational strategies. Below, we’ve outlined some useful tips on how to motivate employees over the long term.

Treat Them Fairly:

It’s easy for office politics to get dirty, but a little respect still goes a long way. When employees know that their manager doesn’t play favorites or make sneaky backroom deals, they feel more motivated to pull their weight. In a healthy work environment, team members can share ideas openly without fear of judgment. They spend more time focusing on important tasks, rather than worry about social standing or petty grudges.

Keep Communication Open:

A cohesive team feels in sync with its management. Members receive regular updates about current projects and benchmarks, instead of hearing about them at the water cooler. Employees also know that they can schedule a one-on-one chat with a manager at any time. This helps to validate a team’s hard work, keeping them in the loop as they reach new levels of productivity.  

Be Empathetic and Kind:

It may seem obvious, but showing compassion to employees is a surefire way to earn goodwill. For example, if a team member is dealing with a family emergency, you should do everything you can to minimize work-related stresses while they spend time away from the office. Sending a thoughtful card is also a nice gesture. Not sure how to motivate employees? Simply show that you’re a genuine human being.

Bat for the Team:

Finally, perhaps the most important way to build team enthusiasm is by proving that you have skin in the game. Demonstrate loyalty to your employees by defending their work from unfair criticism, and take a hit whenever the team makes a misstep. The more that you advocate for your staff, the more they’ll believe in your overall vision.

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