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Brand Boost: How To Use Job Boards to Find the Best Candidates

Job boards provide a wide range of benefits to a growing company, but some young startups don’t recognize that these websites also boost brand awareness. Like a struggling local band, nascent companies should use whatever avenues they can to increase their exposure. They certainly haven’t become a household name yet, because that takes a successful product, wider press coverage, and time. As they grow, companies can use job boards to present their best selves to a wider audience. It’s a two-way street between employers and employees, after all, and access to talented workers requires some brand cache. Fortunately, age-old brand awareness strategies easily apply to sourcing high-quality candidates with online job boards.

Establishing a Brand Topic:

By designing a consistent and compelling voice, your company will stand out among the throngs of generic postings that crowd job boards. It helps to develop a tone that can be boiled down to a few choice phrases, so that most people can understand the message. With a catchy slogan, appealing logo, and some personable copy, you’ll have talented applicants predicting that your company is on the rise.

Promote Company Values:

Though the ultimate purpose of a job is to describe day-by-day responsibilities and outline base-level requirements, there’s a lot more to it. Every sentence in a post is selling the company to prospective hires, so when they finish reading, they should know why the brand exists and what it stands for. For example, a haircare brand with an environmental bent should explain how their organization aims to reduce packaging waste and use all-natural ingredients.

Stay Connected:

Once you’ve received some online interest, it’s time to parlay that into a long-term brand relationship. If someone has gone through the trouble of sending their resume and cover letter, you should give them the courtesy of replying via email. Even if a candidate doesn’t work out, they’ll remember that you treated them with respect and send a kind of rejection message, so they weren’t left in the dark about a job. From there, they can choose to stay informed about future openings through the company mailing list.

Cut Through the Noise:

With so much information darting around on the Internet, it can be hard to stay focused on one page for too long. Often, it feels like every job posting, blog, and tweet is a desperate bid for attention, with individuals and companies doing anything they can to make waves. Having a well-defined brand out of the gate will help to increase clicks and build credibility. Get the details right, and people will naturally be curious to learn more.

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