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It’s an exciting time for us. As you may have noticed, The Resumator has gotten a major makeover, metaphorically speaking. (Some might even call it a facelift). In fact, we’re not really feeling like our old self.

Because, truly, we’re not.

It’s with a combination of earnest excitement and humble gratitude that we reveal to you our new identity. Today we bid The Resumator, the original non-enterprise applicant tracking system, a fond farewell.

Because as of today—drumroll please—we are Jazz.

Why Jazz?

I used to compare high-performing companies to orchestras (or “workestras”)—highly structured organizations, grouped into precise functional teams, staffed with skilled individuals, all operating at peak performance.

But this isn’t always how the workplace works.

The modern workplace can feel chaotic. No longer do people stay at companies for decades. Employees are expected to learn quickly and contribute immediately. Projects change every week. Each team member wears multiple hats, and being multi-talented and improvisational are sought after strengths.

Work today is organized chaos; and it’s as intentional as it is unconventional. And your best-fit employees—performers—thrive in such an environment of rapid change and adaptation.

The modern workforce is not like an orchestra. It’s more like a collection of eclectic teams filled with talented, diversely skilled individuals who, together, find harmony in organized chaos. The modern workforce is more like jazz, and the name Jazz reminds us every day that we’re building software to help the modern workforce thrive in an ever-changing, sometimes chaotic workplace.

What’s Different with Jazz?

Over the past six years, we’ve helped nearly 4,000 companies recruit and hire candidates at a low cost. Today, growing companies need more options; some want a simple way to post jobs, some need to track and manage a greater flow of candidates and users, while others need a strategic way to grow high-performance teams that distinguish them from the competition.

Jazz is on a mission to make recruiting and hiring easy, effective, and scalable no matter what growth looks like at your company. We don’t just want to help your company grow, we want to help your recruiting process grow up, putting you on the path to hiring “Performers Only.” To that end, we’re giving you three options to better meet your recruiting needs:

  • Jazz One is an easy-to-use job posting and candidate screening solution. Hiring managers can post jobs and screen candidates without limits on posting volume.
  • Jazz Two is our flagship applicant tracking system (ATS). Post jobs without limit, collaborate on interviews, integrate with other HR systems, and generate reports to tune your hiring process.
  • And today, we’re announcing Jazz Three: the world’s first Performance Recruiting Platform.   

What is Performance Recruiting?

Performance recruiting bridges the gap between recruiting and performance by using past employee performance indicators to inform future hiring decisions. The process begins with a “Role Model” (a profile of an ideal candidate) that hiring teams create based on 10 “Performer Dimensions,” which help you dig through the vast sea of skills to surface those critical to peak performance for any given role at your company. Performer Dimensions range from role-specific aptitude and soft skills to workstyle and cultural fit.

Hiring teams collaborate throughout the hiring process to assess candidates across these Performer Dimensions until a “Role Match” is made. Once the candidate joins the company, the hiring team continues to add feedback into the Jazz platform (prompted by “Role Reviews”), allowing it to learn which traits are the strongest indicators of performance within a specific company or team.

Have More Questions?

There’s a lot to be excited about, but we understand that you may have questions. Please give us a shout at if you have technical or account questions.

Otherwise, I invite you to take Jazz for a spin and let us know what you think.


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