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In the HR field, we have all had that moment where we say “This Candidate is just not right for this position, however, s/he would make a really great fit in another part of the company”. Now, let’s say you are a user of The Resumator (Which you should all be!! If your not, click here to join the fun and start your free trial!!). You more than likely have that user associated with Job A, but, you want to change him/her to Job B and begin the hiring process over with that new job. However, you are just not quite sure on how to do that…..

                                            We’ll…..you’re in luck!

McMurdy to the rescue (they say that around the office….at least I think they do…but I digress!!) – here’s how to add a job to an applicant’s resume:

  • Click on the word Candidates at the top of the app.
  • Find the applicant you’d like to have associated with another job
  • Click on their name
  • The applicant’s Dashboard page should be displayed
  • Under the Jobs Applied For section will be a Briefcase button. Click on the drop down arrow next to this icon. Here is what that looks like:User-added image
  • A drop down box will appear containing the current job the Candidate is associated with. Click +Add to add another Job.User-added image
  • Choose the job you’d like to associate with the applicant, the Status of the Applicant and if you would like to set a Star Ranking. After this is set, simply click on the orange Add Job to Profile button.
  •             User-added image

Once this complete, you will see the new job added to the Candidate by clicking on the Briefcase button. You are can use this process for any Candidate that you wish. I hope that this little jaunt through this process as been as informative to you as it was to me!! Until next time…..

– Live Long and Prosper.



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