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Did you know it typically takes 45 days to fill a job vacancy? 45! That’s an insane amount of valuable time spent away from your “day job”. So what is the best way to efficiently and effectively find the next rock star? Well, we can tell you what it isn’t, INBOX Recruiting.
But how can you get away from INBOX Recruiting? How can you have an effective hiring process outside of the typical grind of email? The answer lies in recruiting platforms – services that take every step of your hiring process and house them within one central app (and even automate the tedious stuff)!

Take a look at this infographic comparing how long it takes to perform recruiting activities with INBOX Recruiting versus a recruiting platform – what would you do with an extra 9 hours in your day?


How much time could a recruiting platform save you? Try 9 hours!


Applicant Tracking for the Modern World

A scalable recruitment software platform to help you consistently make great hires.