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Are you ready to “just say no” to INBOX Recruiting? We already know that INBOX Recruiting can disrupt your day by flooding your inbox with resumes and candidate feedback, but did you also know that it could result in a loss of your valuable time? And time is money!
Time, money and resources that are essential to your search for rock stars shouldn’t be squandered on time-consuming INBOX Recruiting tasks. Don’t think that INBOX Recruiting is taking that much from you? Well, check out this Cost of Inbox Recruiting calculator, and see how much of your time and money INBOX Recruiting is wasting.

What would you do with the extra hours and dollars?

And see the below “Calculator Assumptions” to get an inside look on how the calculator works!

Calculator Assumptions

1. This is the first time that you are uploading an open position to a job board. The process takes on average 30 minutes per job board.

2. It takes 5 minutes to screen a resume.

3. There is at least 20 minutes of contact (ex. speaking on the phone, writing an email) with one applicant throughout the job process.

4. The hiring manager spends one hour per collaborator reaching out, emailing, following-up post interviews, etc.

5. It takes 5 minutes to send a “you’re not a fit” email to a non-qualified candidate.

6. The following positions have these hourly rate:

Executive – $100/hour

Director – $55/hour

Manager – $40/hour

Assistant – $30/hour




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