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Hiring may feel like the wild west sometimes, but it’s no place for lone rangers or trigger-happy cowboys. Make sure that collaborative hiring plays an important role in your recruitment process. It’s so important, in fact, that we just released our latest feature to make collaboration easier than ever.
Say hello to Job Approvals.

Collaboration station

Good hiring demands good collaboration. Any tool that facilitates effective communication and careful interactions between multiple members of your hiring team should be a welcome addition to your hiring arsenal.

Job approvals make hiring more collaborative, in that now, everyone can get their work done without fear of accidental approvals or postings. Users have the ability to collaborate on the creation of a job by moving the job through an approval process before it is able to be marked as open and made available to applicants.  Users can:

  • dig in
  • create jobs
  • flesh out entire application processes

All the while, they don’t have to worry about making the final say.

Direct your team

If you have multiple people working on multiple open jobs, you can now be sure that nothing reaches the public that doesn’t meet your standards and tone. You won’t stand in the way of progress either, because users can still go into The Resumator and do all of their tasks that needs done. Their work just won’t go public until you say so.

Protect workflows

If things are moving fast around your company, Job Approvals will help you communicate information around to different people or departments. You don’t want to post a job and attract applicants, only to learn that the job changed or the benefits you advertised have been altered. If Job Approvals are turned on, you can pass the job along to its respective teams and departments to get their feedback, without worrying about someone posting it without your knowledge.

Keep everyone in the corral

By turning on the Job Approvals feature, no job can go live to the public without an administrator giving it the final OK. It’s the final safeguard that helps everyone play nicely. Each person can have their say and offer input, but nothing gets written in stone unless the lead admin ultimately says so.

Freedom from errors

No accidental approvals. No knee-jerk job postings. No unexpected mistakes passing from one person to the next. Everyone is protected, therefore, everyone is able to act freely and creatively on their tasks.

Interested in using Job Approvals? This video will help you set everything up.

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