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Your first impression with a talented applicant could make the difference between hiring and not hiring. So we found 4 great examples of job descriptions to give you some usable ideas for your business. You can’t copy them word for word, but we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to…


Hubspot is an industry leader, and they show prowess with this introductory paragraph of their job description for a software engineer. They mention hackers, working in small teams and minimal processes in one paragraph! They highlight the details that software engineers actually care about in their work.

Warby Parker

These eyeglass entrepreneurs don’t waste time before telling applicants about their personality and business. They put the introduction to their specific job descriptions before you even click on the job!

It works.  

An applicant finds the department, and then instantly knows what they do inside each one. From there, applicants find all of the details they need by clicking a position under their OPEN POSITIONS heading.


Bitly wants its applicants to understand what they need in an employee. So when looking for a Business Development Representative, Bitly puts it all out in the open, all at once. They address the reader directly as “you,” building an instant rapport.

Likeable Media

Do you want to know what Likeable Media wants in their next Content Strategist? We did, and then we learned in a matter of moments by their great job description. They list their:

  • Roles and Responsibilites
  • Skills/Knowledge
  • Qualities

They even make their job description nice and easy to follow.

Do you agree?

Do you have better examples of job descriptions? Give us a comment below or say something on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn. Thousands of our readers may agree with you.



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