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No. We’re not talking about Zoolander or Heidi Klum. Our title means that job descriptions based on models of your perfect resume will deliver you better applicants than job descriptions pulled from a thousand different directions. Let’s see why.

Working backwards

So your company is growing and you need more talent. Instead of taking the typical steps towards writing a job description, reverse everything. Imagine the ideal application you want to receive. What does it look like?

  • What keywords does it use?
  • What action verbs describe the applicant’s activities?
  • What specific tasks and experiences does this applicant posses?
  • What level of education or kinds of degrees did this applicant earn?

You should have a slightly different and better picture of this person, not from picturing the person, but from thinking about the actual application.

Are there:

  • particular job titles you want to see (remember, these change with organizations)?
  • relevant organizations or competitors in your industry?
  • examples of past success (and the kinds of examples you want- creativity, financial, problem-solving)


Now, assemble the details of your perfect application. It should include all of the activities, years of experience and keywords listed from the questions above. You have your model.

What kind of job description or advertisement would attract this kind of application? 

  • Is it creative?
  • Is it straightforward and filled with technical language?
  • Is it ultra-conservative?

Use the same terms and keywords from your “ideal application,” in you job description. It’ll clue applicants into the kind of new employee you want to hire. It will also screen out the generic applicants, who won’t have any idea of what you’re saying!

Who knows? Your job ad may even turn out to be really, really, ridiculously good looking.



Have you ever modeled your perfect application for an ideal job description? Do you think it will help? Let us know with a comment below or express your mind on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.


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