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Applicant Tracking in the madness of hiring

How does hiring feel for you? Is it a tidal wave of applications crashing down on your head? Or maybe you feel the crushing weight of hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes weighing on your shoulders. It is your responsibility to evaluate each one as the head hiring honcho.

Too many applicants can’t be your excuse to let good candidates slip through the cracks. Don’t ever allow entire groups to go missing because you feel overwhelmed. As obvious as that sounds, it’s exactly the problem with hiring inside email and spreadsheets. Those blunt tools won’t do you any favors.

Never lose another applicant again. 

Start-to-finish tracking

Finish Line

You want to know where every single applicant stands in your applicant pipeline. This starts at the moment the applicant applies to your position and can last far beyond the job offer. Even if particular applicants don’t get the job (or another one) you want to keep these interested professionals around and organized.

Even if they’re not perfect right now, they may fit exactly what you need down the road.

Know where they stand

Your process will have many moving parts, different applicants and (potentially) multiple people involved in your hiring team. You want a hiring system that allows you to easily communicate between members and quickly trade notes. This is an oft-forgotten, but still desperately important, aspect of applicant tracking systems,


They should help you trade notes, opinions and comparisons between hiring team members. You don’t need emails flying around anymore. Dedicated messaging services should keep your notes and correspondences attached to the candidates. All of your important information stays in the right place for the right people.

Better to have too many than too few

You may be in the camp of, I don’t need to worry about losing applicants because I only have two. Hiring software will help you with that aspect of hiring too. It’s called job marketing and once it works, you’ll be glad that the same software keeps everyone in order.


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