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Here’s part 2 of Job Description Help For Hiring Salespeople. We already covered the basics yesterday, so now let’s look at making your job description less awful. Follow these steps to make your advertisement more attractive. 

Speak like a human

Consider chucking phrases like “core competency” and “leveraging assets.” If you must use business-talk, don’t go corporate crazy. Use the terms in simple sentences and phrases.

Complicated language makes understanding the position more difficult for applicants. How will they know what skills they’ll need to posses? The strongest descriptions use language that’s both succinct and concrete. When it comes to writing job descriptions, a simple and compact style will save you time.

Describe your personality

Have mercy on your applicants. Many of them will have spent days, weeks, months and maybe even years combing through dry job descriptions. All the while, they’re slowly losing hope of ever repaying their student loans or mortgages. Would it kill you to entertain them a bit?

Add some wit to your writing and you’ll capture their interest.

  • If you’re funny, throw in some comedy
  • If you’re a great writer, add some colorful descriptions
  • Make your words count (don’t be overly wordy)

This sends a message to potential employees (and competitors) that your company devotes time to every detail its business – right down to the job descriptions.

You don’t need to call everyone ninjas or rock stars either.

Aim small with the details

Use industry language. If salespeople can’t understand you, how will they understand the work? In a different industry, Google used a billboard in 2004 with a particular reference on it:

The tech giant was looking for software engineers and knew who would understand it. So they targeted those applicants. Now, you’re not looking for software engineers, but the idea remains. Talk to the people you actually want. 

Make your job ad actually appealing

You have the information to pitch your particular position, now make it appealing. Speak to your future salesperson’s hopes and dreams.

  • The candidates won’t just join a company; they’ll join a sales family hell-bent on creating incredible results.
  • The candidates aren’t applying for a position; they’re attempting to start a journey of professional advancement.
  • The candidates won’t just report numbers at the end of each day; they’ll live up to a huge earning potential.

Describe your company culture and the attributes that make your business so wonderful. Brag, boast and speak to your strengths. Just remember to speak to peoples’ passions and ambitions, as well as their pockets.

Look for the right talent

Look for the right salespeople. Once you know them, focus specifically on their interests and hopes. Don’t worry about covering every single base you think would apply to job seekers everywhere.

You want a particular type of salesperson. Make sure your next employee understands your need. You already covered the basics of your job description. Now you can make it interesting. Now you just need hiring software to market the position across the internet and keep applicants organized.


Can you think of any other ways to make attractive job descriptions that will help in hiring salespeople? Let us know if these suggestions work with a comment below or on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.




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