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Applicant tracking can do a lot for small businesses. Organization, communication and job marketing are all great, but inefficient interviewing will still draw out the hiring process. In small businesses especially, you need quick and effective methods to get the most out of your limited interview time.
Here are 5 interview questions to help you quickly understand the candidates in front of you. 

1. What’s an example of a quick solution you created?

Can your small business afford to waste hours or days on solving simple problems? Sure, some decisions deserve a great deal of consideration. But you need people who are comfortable solving problems quickly, cheaply, and usually without much help.

2. What’s a disagreement you had with your last boss?

Listening to someone proudly defend their belief in a business setting isn’t a bad thing. In fact, you should welcome it. Listening to someone who cannot communicate an idea or listen to conflicting information is the problem.

3. Give me an example of a particular duty you had, and how you made it better.

This applicant undoubtedly had responsibilities. You want to know how they knocked them out of the park. If all they can do is cite mediocre performance around expected tasks, what makes you think they’ll do any different for you?

4. What is your favorite product/service/aspect about this company?

If they can’t name one, that doesn’t speak well to their preparation. If they have an honest (as best as you can tell) feeling toward something you do, that’s a great indicator they’ll deliver an honest effort in seeing it succeed.

5. You seem like a terrible fit here, why should I hire you?

This interview question can come off strong, bold and even abrasive. Not every small business can use it on every applicant for every position.  But it will quickly tune you into this applicant’s real belief in his or herself, and their confidence. If you want a business full of capable people who believe in themselves, this is a great way to find those people in the crowd.

There you have it, in five easy questions. You have the applicant tracking software. You have the job. Now, you have some great questions to make it all come together in the interview.

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