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What’s getting in the way of eager job seekers and employers with open positions? Some opinions blame applicant tracking systems (we explain these hiring tools in detail, here). So why does anyone use these infernal tools of Hiring Hell? Let us explain with these 3 reasons.

1. Money, Money, Money

Wasted time and poor hiring decisions get expensive, very expensive. Employers will try to protect against those sunk costs in any way they can. Applicant Tracking Systems provide that protection.

Instead of explaining to management why a gut feeling translated into 50,000 wasted dollars, hiring managers can point to skill tests, documented evaluations and applicant tracking metrics. If you’re responsible for quickly and efficiently staffing a growing company, you’re going to use every tool you can get your hands on.

Good hiring software will provide powerful tools to evaluate countless applications, in an approachable package.

2. The Resume Pile

Imagine a small business owner trying to sort through thousands of resumes by his or herself. Even well-staffed hr departments have trouble handling that sort of influx. The market has many more job seekers than jobs, so this has become the norm.

Hiring managers, trained or hastily appointed, need to stay on top of huge document loads. Email inboxes can become messy and overwhelmed within minutes. Picture a thousand paper resumes and cover letters on your desk. How can anyone hope to get through all those documents while reading and evaluating the validity of each one?

Applicant tracking systems cut down the time, clutter and organizational madness.

3. Legal Pitfalls

Sorting through dozens, if not thousands, of resumes can overwhelm anyone. Now mix in the possible discriminatory legal issues and you’ve got a headache to sooth. Applicant tracking systems provide the employer with another level of protection and the added benefit of not accidentally using bias while screening applicants.

The systems quickly compile reports & analytics so that business can make sure they are staying compliant with employment laws.

Information solves confusion

A crowded job market naturally leads to a lot of confusion. Job seekers want and need work, so one can’t blame them for getting frustrated at the increasingly digital, decreasingly personal, recruitment process. Many employers can feel the same anger after weeks and months of not filling their position with someone truly qualified.

Modern applicant tracking systems help overwhelmed businesses hire great talent. Are they perfect? No, but hiring is imperfect. This software helps the people tasked with hiring do their best and deliver results.


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