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Facebook just announced the addition of clickable hashtags to their user experience. This little update naturally got us thinking about social recruiting. What exactly will “public conversations” mean for businesses on Facebook?

Hashtag (n. & v.)

Hashtags (the noun) are the numerical symbol: #, users frequently use on:

They connote a popular theme or subject matter that may be occurring all over the particular social channel. If many different users are all commenting on the same subject, they hashtag (used as a verb) that subject. It creates what Facebook describes as “public conversations.”

“When you click on a hashtag in Facebook, you’ll see a feed of what other people and Pages are saying about that event or topic.”

Greg Lindley, Facebook

Hashtag Hiring

So, let’s use hiring for an example. A Tweet (and now, Facebook status) that has something to do with hiring can let the world know its subject matter with the use of #hiring. Also, it instantly categorizes that communication into a location where users can find it. Anyone can search “hiring” or “#hiring” and find all of the tweets, messages and statuses labeled as such.

You get something that looks like this, on Twitter (and you will on Facebook):

So how should you react?

This won’t shake the very foundations of your Facebook being, but it will help your job marketing efforts. You can now target audiences with every job you choose to advertise on Facebook. Furthermore, users can click on the hashtags to see related conversations.

We can only wait to see how muddled the conversations and communities become with Facebook’s 1.11 billion users. For now though, and in an ideal world where this new power reaches its full useful potential, you can use it like this with each job post:

Want to let your Friends and followers know you’re hiring? 

  • Use #hiring with your status update

Want to let all those software engineers out there know about your new position?

  • Use #softwareengineers with your job description

Want a new salesperson for your growing team?

  • Use #sales AND #hiring

Social recruiting with flair

Have fun with it and get creative. Facebook already did the heavy work of bringing everyone together, now you get to reap the fruits of their labor. Use eye-catching and engaging job descriptions to help your business attract the great talent you want. Then, watch as similarly minded users engage around the same terms. #success


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