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Imagine you woke up on the sidewalk of some unfamiliar city where nothing looks familiar and the people speak some strange language into glowing boxes hanging on their ears. You shake off the hazy feeling of confusion and reach out to the uninterested passer bys on the crowded walkway. They merely brush you off.
Hiring can feel like this bit of fiction. By yourself, unsure of how to proceed and nobody there to help. Don’t feel scared and all alone though. Technology exists that will make your life considerably easier. They may sound like science fiction, but Applicant Tracking Systems can help you when you need it most.

Applicant Tracking Systems

You can stop making new folders on your desktop or labeling your emails (for this anyways). Instead, organize everything from emails to resumes and cover letters to applicant profiles all in one tidy place.

Some applicants may apply for different jobs at your company. They may apply at different times too. Don’t worry about confusing multiple identities anymore. Merge their profiles together so that you don’t have 12 John Doe’s applying over the last six months. Unless you have 12 John Does, in which case you’ll need them organized too.

The right kind of ATS will let you share applicant profiles with others in your company, take notes and share them in real time, and scale with you no matter how large your company grows. Do all this without forgetting to Cc co-workers or missing great applicants due to confusion.


Alas, not all Applicant Tracking Systems are created equal. It doesn’t take long to notice the differences between cell phones from the 90’s and the new iPhone. The same goes for the ATS game.

Most of the big boy applicant trackers were born the same time these hit our ears. Huge companies with dedicated HR professionals, trained and tested in the trenches of hiring, used their clunky interfaces to sort their vast applicant pools.

Luckily, the times (and phones!) have changed.

Now user-friendliness and intuitive tools redefine the experience of hiring managers. The systems practically hire everyone themselves!


Users can set up early indicators, create ranking systems to evaluate basic qualifications, and eliminate wildly unqualified applicants right from the start. Even analyze your effectiveness and identify how to improve your applicant returns in both number and quality.

Hastily appointed “hiring managers” from businesses of all shapes and sizes can organize their hiring process now and soften the shock. Waste less hours sifting through nonsense and have more for minutes for screening, interviewing and hiring

Now imagine you check the pockets of the clothes you never wore before and feel an object in your pocket. A sigh or relief wisps across your lips as you hurriedly grab it in your dry hands. You hold up and instantly recognize it as the object of your salvation.

Would you rather it be a smartphone with full service or one of these?

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